Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doom 3


Doom game series of action games is one of the most popular games of its kind have no doubt that if you try it once you will be addicted to it! The story of the third edition of this exciting game will begin in March 2145 and the planet. A highly advanced military-industrial zone on the planet that has made it such an important series of experiments in biological research and some mysterious psychological tests on individuals to damaging equipment, military and things are done, such as. But for reasons unclear, and the unintentional result of these experiments was a catastrophic disaster.There are evil forces of terror and bloody feet to left field that even its creators to be able to easily understand how they are destroyed. The main character in this play a Space Ranger unknown evil creatures off the area to prevent this attack is to eliminate their efforts to make prevent the invasion of DOOM 3 version The Resurrection Evil and be. Also in the game will be seven new themes. 

Blackbox version

Skidrow version

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